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Our Mission

Here at Therapy Dogs New Zealand our dream is to help Kiwis living with disabilities, mental health challenges and other conditions, receive some extra love, support and assistance from a therapy dog.

We’ve witnessed how life-changing the companionship and friendship that develops between the client and their therapy dog can be. The driving force for us is seeing clients thrive as they become confident and independent with their dog.

In the last two years Therapy Dogs New Zealand has trained 20 therapy dogs and helped their owners live life to the fullest.


Featured Stories

Coronavirus Therapy Dog Demand Increase

Manawatū support dog gets national recognition for giving owner ability to live independently

Stuff |30 September 2021

Manawatū teenager Abigail Pratt says she could barely leave her room before she got her support dog Rosie.

Pratt, who has autism and sensory processing and obsessive-compulsive disorders, said that when she first got Rosie two years ago…

Coronavirus Therapy Dog Demand Increase

Coronavirus: Demand For Therapy Dogs Doubles After Lockdown

Stuff | 13 July 2020

Demand for therapy dogs has doubled since the coronavirus lockdown ended. Therapy dogs are specially trained to support people with…

Little Boy with Therapy Dog

A prescription for companionship

The Weekend Sun | 13 April 2018

Kaiden doesn’t make friends easily. That’s often the way with children with autism spectrum disorder..


What We Do

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs support Kiwis living with a range of disabilities by providing companionship and support. Learn more.

Breed & Training

Our Labradoodles have the perfect temperament and training to provide the support their owners need. Learn more.

Our Dogs

Meet our therapy dogs and find out how they transform the lives of their owners. Learn more .

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A therapy dog could transform the life of a person living with a disability. Learn about our application process. Apply now.

Your Therapy Dog

We train therapy dogs to suit a variety of different conditions and needs as well as to provide support to the community. Keep reading to find out which type might be right for you.


Client Testimonials

“Wendy was really lovely to deal with and her passion for her work shines through in everything she does. She takes the time to understand your needs and find a dog who will fit with your family.”
Black Family

“Wendy’s expertise, friendly nature and professionalism was critical in welcoming our 5 month old puppy into our family. The benefits our puppy has on our daughter with Down Syndrome and Autism were immediate; she was calmer, more able to focus on tasks and started sleeping throughout the night.
However, it was Wendy’s support via phone, email and messenger conversations that have been vital in ensuring a smooth transition to our home.  Wendy helped us to understand our puppy’s nature, stabilise training and extend it to look for areas to help our daughter more.
The transition to home was smart and professional- I can’t thank Wendy enough and would highly recommend her services to other families looking for their first therapy puppy “
Tomlinson Family

“Wendy has been amazing. We were not a “doggy” family. I was not a “dog” lover, but my family really needed a therapy dog for my children who both have high health medical needs. Our needs was for a calm, not-too-needy, loving and smart therapy dog.”
Our therapy puppy is just a beautiful, such a part of our family, and we love him. Wendy has supported me through this whole journey. Our puppy is super confident and comfortable, very very friendly, fun and playful, but also very calm for a puppy – he was just what the doctor ordered for our WHOLE FAMILY. Than you so much Wendy.”
Hughes Family


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