The name Gabriel refers to an Archangel and translates as ‘God is my Strength’, bringing strength and protection, which suits our therapy puppy perfectly.

Therapy puppy Gabriel has almost completed his intensive therapy training and has only one month to go before he can start changing the life of his new companion.

His role will involve providing calm, support and companionship to a man with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He’ll help his new owner feel more at ease in crowded situations and shopping complexes and when meeting new people.

Gabriel (also nicknamed Gabe) will help reduce his owner’s anxiety by always being there for cuddles, and will sleep on his bed to aid relaxation and restful sleep.

Last week the pair met and spent 24 hours getting to know one another.  Gabriel’s infectious snuggles and playful Labradoodle temperament meant these two will spend many happy hours chasing balls, and having long walks at Piha Beach and in the Waitakeres Ranges.

We’ll keep you posted as Gabriel moves into his therapy dog role so stay tuned!