Remy is only weeks away from joining his new family of five which includes a new born baby.

Our therapy pup has a big role to fill as he will be supporting a young 5 year old. Her disability affects her ability to communicate verbally, balance and remain calm and relaxed for long periods of time.

Remy will provide a calming influence and a much-needed playmate to help keep her occupied during the day. At night time he will be her bedtime buddy and hopefully help her sleep peacefully.

Last week Remy and his companion had a play date. She is a cute and vibrantly happy child that is still getting used to being sniffed, followed and licked by an interested and playful Labradoodle puppy.

Therapy pup Remy will enjoy living with his new family on a farm. He can’t wait for their frequent visits to Lake Karapiro, which is just on their doorstep.

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