Our therapy dog recruits from Australia are settling in well. These two beautiful red Labradoodle brothers arrived from Queensland, Australia from Bellissimo Labradoodles. Their parents, Sydnie and Monty have lovely personalities and these traits are showing through in their pups.
We have named these two siblings Cooper (Blue collar) and Comet (Green collar) and both puppies have settled in well.
Therapy Puppy Green Collar Sitting In Bed

Therapy Puppy Comet

Comet is the smaller puppy of the two who seems to have inherited the Poodle appetite so he can be a little unfussed by meal times, only eating enough to have the energy to play, play and more play!

Comet is also the most vocal of the two puppies, enjoying the sound of his own voice and can often be found barking at the deer or cows on the farm. Despite his quirks, he is a real sweetie and cuddly pup who will win anyone’s heart.

After a few weeks of training, the alert barking will be under control and with a little super delicious canned food added to his biscuits his eating has improved. Despite experiencing so many changes over the past few weeks, Comet oozes confidence, love and playfulness.

Therapy Dog Blue Collar Sitting On Grass

Therapy Puppy Cooper

Cooper is the larger puppy who at this early stage seems to be a little calmer and not as vocal.

He is also a very confident and trainable puppy that is progressing as expected. His toilet training has been a little inconsistent however we have plenty of time to establish good toileting habits over the coming weeks!

Cooper is gorgeous and quite the character. He has the looks and charm of a big teddy bear and he will bring a sense of calm, love and companionship to his forever home.

Progress To Date

These two puppies have been busy navigating an array of new experiences and taking all the attention from the general public in their stride. Car travel is conquered, they have dipped their toes in the sea and had a beach romp. They are already fetching and retrieving a ball and showing extreme confidence when walking through moving objects.

Traffic is not at all concerning to them and due to their popularity, they have been invited into a number of shops to meet the locals.

These therapy puppies are also learning all about felines and who wears the pants in the dog versus cat relationship! These two have no fear and everything is a game when your 11 weeks of age and very, very cute!

Stay tuned for more updates about our therapy puppies as they grow. Also if you know someone in need of a therapy dog let us know. We happy puppies waiting to find their forever homes.