Therapy Dog Petition
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Therapy Dog Public Access Petition

We’ve witnessed how life-changing the companionship and friendship that develops between the client and their therapy dog can be. The driving force for us is seeing clients thrive as they become confident and independent with their dog.

In the last two years Therapy Dogs New Zealand has trained X number of therapy dogs and helped their owners live life to the fullest.

This year we need you.

Right now our therapy dogs don’t have full public access  (like other service dogs) and this can negatively impact our clients’ quality of life. You can help us bring change to many lives by signing our petition to give therapy dogs the right to public access.

How Therapy Dogs Help

We train therapy dogs to suit a variety of different conditions and needs as well as to provide support to the community.

Therapy dogs can help keep their handlers calm and safe as they engage with our community.

Right now we don’t have public access which means sometimes our clients can’t have their therapy dogs with them when they need them.

What is public access?

Having public access granted for our therapy dogs would enable our clients to take their dogs to places where the general public can go without having to ask permission first.

Some of these places include shopping malls, schools, libraries, cafes, restaurants, and hospitals.

Public access for therapy dogs will enable our clients to have their dogs with them at all times.