Type of therapy dog

Name of Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog Gabriel Running
Breed: Labradoodle

Colour: Insert Colour

Sex: Insert Sex

Date of Birth: Insert Date Of Birth

Therapy Training: Insert Traits Need For Type Of Therapy

Disability Trained For: Insert Disability

Traits: Insert Traits

About Insert Name

Insert about 2 -3 short paragraphs of text that cover the type of dog they are, what they are being trained for and how they are supporting their owner.


Therapy Dog Trainer, Wendy

Featured Story

Place Holder Title

May 2 2020 | Emotional Support Therapy Dog

This module will be hidden until there is a feature blog article written about the therapy dog….


Working Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dog Gabriel Running


Emotional Support Therapy Dog


Disability Support Therapy Dog


Disability Support Therapy Dog


Emotional Support Therapy Dog


Reading Support Therapy Dog


Emotional Support Therapy Dog (in training)