Emotional Support Therapy Dog


Therapy Dog Cooper Sitting on Grass

Breed: Labradoodle

Colour: Red

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 28 July 2018

Therapy Training: Friendship, Comfort, Support, Calming

Disability Trained For: Autism Support

Traits: Calm, steady, tolerant and confident

About Cooper

Cooper is the larger puppy who at this early stage seems to be a little calmer and not as vocal. He is also a very confident and trainable puppy that is progressing as expected. His toilet training has been a little inconsistent however we have plenty of time to establish good toileting habits over the coming weeks!

Cooper is gorgeous and quite the character. He has the looks and charm of a big teddy bear and he will bring a sense of calm, love and companionship to his forever home.


Therapy Dog Trainer, Wendy