Disability Support Therapy Dog


Therapy Dog Remy on Lead

Breed: Labradoodle

Colour: Apricot

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 25 April 2018

Therapy Training: Friendship, Comfort, Support Balance, Calming

Disability Trained For: Angelman Syndrome

Traits: Very Placid, Tactile and Affectionate

About Remy

Remy was bred by Bellissimo Labradoodles in Rockhampton, Australia and he comes from generations of Australian Labradoodle bloodlines. Remy is a calm and confident puppy with a soft and playful personality. He is exceptionally easy to train and learns new tasks well. He is also highly affectionate and loves being close to you and can often be found lying at your feet or close by.
Remy has a big role ahead to help a young girl with Angelman syndrome. He will help her maintain her balance when on uneven ground and provide a deep friendship as she is unable to attend school. She is completely non-verbal so Remy will need to instinctively learn to sense when she needs him close or when she wants to play. His role will include helping her calm at night to aid sleep and being her best friend. Remy will have a lovely life living on a farm and enjoying the great Waikato, plus family adventures at Lake Karapiro. Already Remy is very fond of water so this summer he will be swimming and enjoying life with his new family.


Therapy Dog Trainer, Wendy