Facility Therapy Dogs
Facility Therapy Dogs

Bring joy and comfort to others in need by visiting them with a therapy dog.

Facility therapy dogs can improve the lives of people in a range of situations and bring companionship and support to people in schools, hospitals, dementia units, hospice, assisted living communities and nursing homes.

Facility therapy dogs are usually personally owned by a person who works in a facility, or has been invited to enter a facility to provide therapy support on a regular basis.

Therapy Dogs New Zealand can assist an owner wishing to engage in facility therapy, by training a suitable puppy and approving facility therapy accreditation status.

Become A Facility Dog Handler

Consider becoming a facility dog handler and volunteer to help bring joy and comfort to those in need.

How It Works

Become a therapy dog handler

We can source and train a Labradoodle puppy to cope in a specific therapy role by providing its early training, and extensive socialisation until 6 months of age.

Depending on the type of intended therapy role, additional training and socialisation around the types of children, adults, disabilities and/or proposed environments will also be given.

Six months following the home placement of the therapy puppy with the family, we will provide follow-up support leading to official accreditation of the therapy dog at 12 months of age. This will involve assessing and evaluating the dog in a range of situations in preparation for on-going therapy work.

Accreditation will involve attendance at a workshop training programme, and several individual handler training sessions as part of the accreditation process.

We can also help you make arrangements to visit specific locations or facilities where you would like to work.


 Therapy Dog Roles

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Therapy Dog Role

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